Nayalgue farm in Koudougou


The project has been named Nayalgue, which in the Moore language means « that which expands ». The premises occupy 3600 square metres and have a production capacity of 8 tonnes of Spirulina annually.

 Spirulina farm main building, Burkina

The main building is taken up by offices, a laboratory (for weighing, microscope checks, gelatine coating and conditioning of the algae), storage room, maintenance shop, meeting rooms, changing rooms and showers.


aquaculture basins of spirulina, burkina

The outbuildings:

The aquaculture basins now under construction on 200 m2, are in reinforced concrete, with a surface coating of Cicalite to make them watertight. There is a slight slope towards the drain channel in the middle of the basin, to facilitate evacuation of water and harvesting of the weed.



The breeding tanks of 10m2 and 50m2

In the smaller 10m2 tank a rake stirs the “broth” in circular sweeping movements, whilst the growing algae in the larger  water basins are moved forward by a bucket wheel cylinder.


Harvesting platforms of spirulina, Burkina

Harvesting platforms

There is one roofed platform between each pair of 50 m2 basins. By activating the water pump, at a speed of 5 cubic metres/hour, it is possible to drain and harvest half a basin in a couple of hours. The water passes through a first filter and the sifted weeds are then discharged on a sloped wooden straining frame. The clear water is recycled back to the basin. The Spirulina weed is sheltered under mosquito nets, compressed and extruded and then transferred to drying boards.


drying units for spirulina, Burkina

The drying units

The drying units are small sheds, 3m x 4, each fitted with 4 blinds. Inside there are 2 stands, each one with shelves for 32 drying boards. The total drying surface is 50 m2. During the dry season the hot air is circulated by 8x2 fans (8 ventilateurs par support??) and channelled along by  heavy curtains on the sides and plywood boards on the top. During the rainy season a gas burner is used. The generated heat is spread around by activation of the fans.



Conditioning Spirulina, Burkina


After drying the Spirulina algae are preserved in air- tight containers, then weighed and checked in the laboratory, conditioned and packaged, either as gelatine coated pills or as powder or grain. The product is then labelled and marketed.



It is possible to take a tour around the Nayalgue farm. A guide will take you around and give you more insights in what you want to know about Spirulina. It is possible to find accommodation at La Maison des Projets.

(For bookings call Irene at 76 57 01 49).